Employing big thinking at the time, the Place website was a radical shift in real estate website design. Critical tasks like buying, selling and renting stood out whilst other auxiliary information sat neatly within the architecture, helping reinforce the Company’s demonstration as a resource of information. The site design was handed over to tertiary suppliers who managed the build and implementation of the content management system (CMS). Continue reading


Place properties need to stand out from the mainstream, that’s the call cry behind the look and feel of Place property marketing. Property information is pertinently displayed without filter and without spin. “We need to look at property marketing two ways. Firstly as a buyer, thats the reason de etra, but also in a residual manner, as a seller, who will look beyond the property information and be equally concerned with the presentation of the brand and its ability to present the property” says Justin. Continue reading

PLACE | Press Advertising

The strategy behind much of the campaign work created for Place was ‘personality’ – light hearted, happy, uncomplicated and straightforward. Never to follow others, the Place marketing campaigns had an underlying tone that was advantageous, often clever and always created with a smile in mind. We worked closely with the establishment of the Place Sydney office where Place was unknown. Awareness campaigns like this are as much about recruiting and retaining the right employees as they are about attracting the right client. Continue reading

PLACE | Place

Find your perfect place. Place is the first private real estate company in Queensland to offer buyers a ‘one office, multiple locations’ approach. It has grown to become Brisbane’s premier inner suburbs agency, cementing their ability to provide complete market coverage. Regardless of which Place office a client walks into, they can discuss any Place property no matter where it’s listed. Place strongly felt that they buck the status quo and go a new way in property marketing. Our project was to align the brand for growth. The renewed brand had to umbrella two distinct desires: provide a truly better level of customer service and allow Place properties to stand out from the mainstream. Industry colleagues locally, nationally and from overseas consistently remark that ‘Place is the best example of marketing, technology and innovation they have experienced’. Continue reading