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Compton Green take pride in being the largest independent real estate agency in Melbourne’s inner west. A long-standing business, whose longevity is founded on core principles of boundless enthusiasm, rigorous honesty, and complete professionalism. Justin is proud to have introduced some of the most significant changes to the business since its inception in 1926. The most significant being the name change from Compton & Green to Compton Green and the removal of the ruby red which has sat alongside the distinctive green since the beginning. In addition to the name change, Compton Green have a fresh hallmark, the leaf, that symbolises a strong commitment to prosperity, growth and being in touch with the environment at large. Continue reading


Compton Green are committed to doing things well and as part of the recent rebrand project for the company, the new Compton Green website was no exception. The website’s fresh new look and feel builds upon the companies vibrant and approachable culture and embodies Compton Greens distinctive new branding, as is reflected throughout all it’s marketing collateral. Continue reading