On this page we invite you to look at what we thought are just a few of the more interesting work as a shining example of our day-to-day capabilities. Clear, simple and memorable brand ideas that are succinctly told and beautifully expressed. Some illustrate brand architecture, where structural issues have almost driven the creative, others are good examples of effective and resonating brand communications that just work. All in all, we love what we do and are proud of it. Continue reading


PROJECT SHOWCASE | Belle Property – At home with Belle Property

In brand terms, if McGrath represents the ‘science of selling’, then Belle represents the ‘art of selling’. This was the outcome of a thorough brand analysis, new brand evolution and campaign for the rapidly growing network undertaken recently. “At home with Belle Property” is feeling comfortable, at ease and assured. Underpinning this brand essence are the many tactical prospecting and listing tools enabling agents and offices alike to stay in touch and better engage with their buyer and seller markets. Continue reading

PROJECT SHOWCASE | Josh Phegan Branding

PROJECT SHOWCASE | Style Estate Agents

Style is a small and rapidly growing Brisbane based real estate business success story. From the inside out, we redefined Style with a platform for success. From a desire to deliver more – not less – we delivered a brand that allowed them to improve their clients financial investment with innovative ideas and exceptional marketing. To sum up, our brand work was of the highest standard that made their clients journey enjoyable. That’s their style… Continue reading

PROJECT SHOWCASE | Cooley Auctions Spring 2012 Campaign

Justin Marden has been forging the Cooley brand since its inception. From a young start up company transacting 358 auctions in their 1st year to 4,237 in their 9th – giving them a Sydney Metropolitan market share of 18 per cent. No other independent auction company can lay claim to growth like this in such a short period of time. Cooley’s success can be partly attributed to bold, simple and direct press advertising campaigns. Since 2009, we have been creating yearly campaigns for Cooley and this year we tried something a little different. There are a good number of benefits to running an Auction – 4 in fact. The 2012 campaign highlights these powerful benefits and in so doing, supporting their clients efforts to achieve the best possible sales results utilising the auction process. Continue reading

PROJECT SHOWCASE | Cobden & Hayson

2012 marks a new era for Cobden & Hayson, now selling more than double the number of properties than the nearest competitor and achieving almost 40% market share. Over the last seven years, Justin Marden has continually been tweaking and manicuring this brand into the formidable agency it is today. Professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, knowledge and integrity – these consistent values set Cobden & Hayson apart from the competition. This year Justin created a new look and feel for their property marketing – direct, fresh and elegant, abreast of any other in the market today. Continue reading

PROJECT SHOWCASE | Lindt & Sprüngli

Justin started work on Lindt’s world first Chocolate Concept Store, located in Sydney. To date, Lindt has multiplied this concept with six flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Justin was commissioned to create this unique ‘Connoisseurs’ brand within the existing retail Lindt brand we know so well, and roll out the new concept across packaging, uniforms, signage and marketing livery. Continue reading


Place properties need to stand out from the mainstream, that’s the call cry behind the look and feel of Place property marketing. Property information is pertinently displayed without filter and without spin. “We need to look at property marketing two ways. Firstly as a buyer, thats the reason de etra, but also in a residual manner, as a seller, who will look beyond the property information and be equally concerned with the presentation of the brand and its ability to present the property” says Justin. Continue reading


Joanna Bell-Booth is proof that you can do it all, and do it well. She’s Ray White’s second top performing agent on the Gold Coast, No. 5 in Queensland and No. 6 internationally — not bad for a busy wife and mother. She also happens to be a generous, warm-hearted woman who has delighted hundreds of loyal clients during her 20 year real estate career. This single advertisement was a one off for Joanna, but its effect has had a resonating influence on her marketplace, how she is perceived and best of all, on her bottom line. Thought of as putting the person back into selling, this is an example of an advertisement that doesn’t ask for anything. It is one of the best examples of successful agent awareness advertising ever created for Ray White. Continue reading

PROJECT SHOWCASE | ‘Did you know’ Corporate Campaign

Did you know that Ray White is the most googled real estate brand? Or that Ray White generates over 53,000 email enquiries on Following the successful roll out of the new Ray White Identity, we were tasked with creating a campaign of awareness and prospecting tools. One of which was the “Did you know?” campaign that gave a voice for all levels of the group to actively engage the market. In this case, this corporate advertisement represented the Ray White’s size and influence as the largest real estate brand in Australasia, where by evolution of the brand has positioned Ray White at the forefront of understanding opportunities in the property market. Continue reading


In 2010, Justin Marden redesigned the Cobden & Hayson website which marked a radical shift in real estate website design as it profiled the activities of those looking to buy and rent above all else. As the areas largest seller of properties, Cobden & Hayson and its website proved to be ‘the very best’ fountain source. An idea encapsulated by this awareness Midweek Sydney Morning Herald full page advertisement promoting the address. Like bees to honey. Continue reading


Ray White, Australia’s largest real estate group, needed a fresh image that would have the support of their extensive franchise network. Justin was commissioned to unearth brand mis-alignments and provide insight into the possibilities of ‘what could be’. The result, new identity that could provide impact on the street and appeal to a broad market base, from prestige to regional markets. The project called for a new look and feel, along with a new level of brand architecture, an entire new library of marketing and identity tools that covered everything – from property marketing templates and signage, to agent marketing campaigns. Continue reading


Following her success in Property Management working for such companies as Ray White and Bresic Whitney in Sydney’s East, Corinne Farlow established her own company Corinne Farlow Property Management to capitalise on her wealth of knowledge and enigmatic style. The brand embraces the portfolio of properties under management with colour, flair and an energy that is uniquely Corinne herself. Continue reading


As can happen with established companies that are both large and successful, Kennards Hire’s identity had become tired and dated. The brief was to create an identity abreast of the times and that could be applied to everything from ‘ladder to loo’. The largest component was the application of the new brands’ internal and external signage system. The project was complete in under 18 months across 170 stores. Continue reading