COBDEN & HAYSON | 2011/12 Campaign

Each year we have the task of creating a brand awareness campaign of 12 advertisements for Cobden & Hayson. The challenge to create a compelling campaign that is something new each time, is only made more difficult by a modest budget. Luckily though, after being behind the brand creation for seven years, Cobden & Hayson has carved quite a formative style, which helps makes things a little easier. Continue reading

COBDEN & HAYSON | Cobden & Hayson

2012 marks a new era for Cobden & Hayson, now selling more than double the number of properties than the nearest competitor and achieving almost 40% market share. Over the last seven years, Justin Marden has continually been tweaking and manicuring this brand into the formidable agency it is today. Professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, knowledge and integrity – these consistent values set Cobden & Hayson apart from the competition. This year Justin created a new look and feel for their property marketing – direct, fresh and elegant, abreast of any other in the market today. Continue reading

COBDEN & HAYSON | 2010 Campaign


This is our third website design for Cobden & Hayson in seven years. In this latest design, we were tasked with developing a site that profiled the activities of buyers and renters above all else. The site also had to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and capabilities Cobden & Hayson bestows. Like all sites we create for our many real estate clients, we are fundamentally applied to pushing the boundaries of design to the limits of best performance for the client and best user experience for the public. Continue reading

COBDEN & HAYSON | Website Launch

In 2010, Justin Marden redesigned the Cobden & Hayson website which marked a radical shift in real estate website design as it profiled the activities of those looking to buy and rent above all else. As the areas largest seller of properties, Cobden & Hayson and its website proved to be ‘the very best’ fountain source. An idea encapsulated by this awareness Midweek Sydney Morning Herald full page advertisement promoting the address. Like bees to honey. Continue reading

COBDEN & HAYSON | Spring Campaign 2011

COBDEN & HAYSON | Cobden & Hayson

In 2005, Raine & Horne Balmain changed to Cobden & Hayson and is now the strongest performing real estate business on the Balmain peninsula. Cobden & Hayson rose to prominence by a balance of achievements, principles, values and of course a strong brand. Our rebranding of the company, saw not only a change of name, but the visual expression of a new guiding set of principles. The new brand is independent and premium in style, a flip-side to the Raine & Horne office it was. Since the rebrand, Cobden & Hayson’s brand has been a constant innovator, employing big picture thinking, an honest commitment to budgets and year long planning. The Cobden & Hayson rebrand transported the company into a position where it can leverage its accumulated knowledge to better inform clients more than ever before. Justin’s work for the new brand has helped fuel spectacular growth. Continue reading