CORPORATE EXPRESS | Distribution Centre Brochure

Corporate Express’s vision was to create a flagship distribution centre that would become a showpiece in sustainable design and innovative operations. Developed at a cost of $33 million, the custom-built National Distribution Centre (NDC) at Erskine Park, NSW, was the largest warehouse of its type in the industry. It consolidated the five previous Sydney distribution facilities into one centralised unit and featured advanced new systems and processes that led the way in operational efficiency. When seen in person it is truly a sight to behold. The brochure showcases this new facility and illustrates just how big the day-to-day operations of the centre are. Continue reading

CORPORATE EXPRESS | EXP Kleen Rebrand + Packaging

Following the EXP rebrand project for Corporate Express, the redesign of the EXP Kleen brand (an environmentally friendly range of cleaning products) was an extension of the same design process. We created a new logo, designed and art directed new label designs for the line, producing a template which could effectively umbrella all of the products within the range. Continue reading


Corporate Express clients felt that the labeling of its EXP line didn’t match the quality of the products and was more aligned to a ‘Black and Gold’ brand rather than the premium product it was. To positively alter clients’ perceptions we gave EXP a new brand identity and packaging. By formulating a unified design standard that could umbrella all products in its range, we took its look and feel from a cheap house brand to a high quality range which holds its own against premium brands. Continue reading

CORPORATE EXPRESS | Direct Mail Campaigns

We designed and art directed a number of direct mail Case Study campaigns for Corporate Express’s various divisions. Each campaign was independently created, yet all were defined by a single proposition – ‘commitment to a single-source solution’. Each piece was fun, social and lightly irreverent – a true reflection of the distinctive brand experience that is the Corporate Express culture. Continue reading