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Studiomardo was appointed to create the identity and brand the 5 residential compounds that was Armonia. Inspired by a very Australian perspective, Armonia’s compounds were all named as Australian cities. Whilst is might seem odd for us in Australia, the strategy worked and was quickly embodied by the buying public, it’s success was the triumphant results in sales following the release. Continue reading


The South Pacific website is a portal for South Pacific and its numerous projects. We were tasked with developing a site that profiled the activities of buyers above all else, therefore we designed the site much like a traditional real estate website. The site was designed bilingual and had to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and capabilities of South Pacific. Like all sites we create for our many real estate clients, we are fundamentally applied to pushing the boundaries of design to the limits of best performance for the client and best user experience for the public. Continue reading


Another quality development for European company South Pacific. The Armonia residence project, in the heart of Bucharest, Romania was witness to a totally new standard of quality living. The 5 residential compounds comprises around 275 homes for those that appreciate distinguished architecture. Armonia is modelled on a very Australian perspective and subscribes to a relaxed, detached and clean way of life. Justin was asked to create the identity and marketing elements for the entire project. With exacting timeframes, the project was met on time and on budget, and the result was a brand and image as successful as the entrepreneurs who started the company. Continue reading

SOUTH PACIFIC | South Pacific

A butterfly can fly. It can travel, and by pollinating plants, create life where there was none. A butterfly can, by its very appearance captivate our focus and dazzle us with its flight of beauty. It is seldom seen, but always appreciated as a sign of life, colourful and free. Operating successfully in Romania since 2003, South Pacific is a unique collaboration that brings together the know-how of two leading Australian companies. With over 20 years of international experience, specialising in international financial services, on one hand, and large-scale construction and development projects on the other. South Pacific provides affordable, stylish and high quality housing solutions to the needs of a large cross section of Romania’s population. Continue reading